Monday, 24 September 2012

Happy times at Eden Mills

One of the first things that we did when we decided to make Bare It For Books official was get in touch with Andrew Simpson, the fabulous director of this year's Eden Mills Writers' Festival. We told him our idea, and asked if it might be possible to use the EMWF as an opportunity to spread the word about our little campaign. Andrew jumped on our bandwagon almost right away and offered us a table along the Publisher's Way. How exciting! How professional!

So Allegra and I got to work planning what we were going to include at our table. Information on the campaign, naturally. A sign-up sheet for our mailing list? Of course. Paper copies of the letters that we'd already begun to send out to authors? Absolutely. 

We also, with the help of our talented designer, Emma Jenkin, were able to cook up some BIFB swag to tote along. Bookmarks! Sexy bookmarks! How awesome is that?
Get lusty for literature, folks. Why not?
:And heck, why not another time? All three slogans now, plus our oh-so-cute Twitterish stickers:
Sexy, sexy bookmarks ...
Needless to say, the fact that we were toting official swag into an official event was pretty exciting. Even more exciting, though, was the response that we received at Eden Mills. So many positive vibes! So many people who instantly got excited about the idea. Plus, we got to meet such luminaries as Ami McKay, Trevor Cole, Angie Abdou and Julie Wilson. It was pretty much a perfect day.

Amanda on the left, Allegra on the right. BIFB duo in the flesh.

We had a lot of fun. Many thanks to Andrew Simpson, who so kindly donated a table to our cause. (And put some of our bookmarks to good use.) And thanks to everyone who came out, stopped at our table, and got excited about our little idea..
Here's to more excitement, and many more enthusiastic festivals in the future!. 

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